New APG Weinviertel 380 kV line

Completion of works for the APG Weinviertel 380 kV power transmission line in Lower Austria.

COGET Impianti has successfully completed the construction of the new APG Weinviertel 380 kV overhead power line, working in a temporary consortium with Elettrodotti Cantamessa & Co. S.p.A.

The project, commissioned by Austrian Power Grid AG (APG), involved the completion of lot 1, which included the following key phases:

  • Construction of a modern 380 kV overhead power line, from the Seyring Node to pole 68, near Prottes substation, over a total length of about 23 km
  • Testing and commissioning of the new 380 kV line, guaranteeing high safety and reliability standards.
  • Demolition of the existing 220 kV line, from the Bisamberg substation to pole 76 at Auersthal, over a total length of about 24 km.

Work began in August 2019 and the entire project was successfully completed in April of this year. This joint effort significantly upgraded the power transmission infrastructure, helping to improve the reliability of the local power system.

The main activities performed for the construction of the new 380 kV line included the construction of foundations, mainly in the form of large-diameter bored piles. The contract also covered the supply, assembly and installation of the towers, as well as the stringing of the trefoil conductor and the optic fibre ground wire. The main concerns during the demolition, works were the recovery of the single conductor and the ground wire, by demolishing each support structure separately.

This project marks a major step forward in the improvement of the power transmission infrastructure in the Weinviertel region and enables closer energy connections between Austria and the Czech Republic. It also helps to consolidate a modern, reliable power grid for both countries.

The works, completed during April this year, confirm the commitment to upgrading the power transmission infrastructure and improving the reliability of the local power system.