Redevelopment of electric grid in Florence

Work has started on the construction of an underground line on section L.410 from Tavarnuzze to San Lorenzo a Greve.

In July 2022, COGET Impianti, in a temporary combine with other companies in the industry under a Framework Contract signed with Terna Rete Italia S.p.A., started a major project to redevelop the high-voltage power grid in the city of Florence.

The project, involving the construction of a 132 kV underground cable has been planned in order to provide works for the public good, as well as serving the interests of the public and private stakeholders involved. Special care has been taken to minimise the impact on the properties affected, also considering the existing situations and the possible allocation of funds.

The line called T.410 Tavarnuzze – San Lorenzo e Greve, is subdivided into four sections and has a total length of 2,098 metri. Since the duct runs through a densely populated area with a large number of underground utilities various cable installation methods will be used:

  • Laying in pipes (on paved roads)
  • Burying of trefoil cable (on open ground and asphalt)
  • Laying in culverts
  • Laying by horizontal directional drilling

This project, scheduled for completion by the end of 2023, aims to improve the efficiency and reliability of Florence’s power transmission system by providing the city with a modern, reliable power grid.